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Quality manpower

We rely on the highest match of the resources to be included in customer projects.

Nofrill has no commodity and “one-fit-all” resources to deploy, those resources often other consulting companies propose to carry out tasks far away from their skills and experiences.

To feed our selection process, we rely on the largest and most updated pool of skills: the market for independent advisors and specialists already employed in the same role in other companies, for which we evaluate the motivation to change and the suitability for the specific job.

Employee or consultant?

Nofrill is not a recruiting company, it is something more.
We focus on TRANSFORMATION, SELECTION is the early part of the process.
If the selection is correct, the transformation could also develop on its own or easily at least.

In corporate transformation initiatives or simple expansion or rotation of a function, there is a recurring need to include “change agents”, characterized by strong motivation and the ability to engage the others on the route of change from the earliest days.

The two traditional formulas offered by specialized companies are the selection of personnel for recruitment, head hunting, or alternatively temporary management, which are usually mutually exclusive choices for many reasons.


Hiring through headhunters is an inherently long business process and charges the client company with the costs and risks of starting the business before reaching full capacity.

Moreover usually head hunter do not really understood specific and technical job’s need.


Temporary management lends itself to transitory needs, but sometimes it shows its limits, due to the poor verticality of the professional skills available, for the transition from the start-up phase to the maintenance phase and for the difficulty of assure operational continuity and the transfer of skills.

Assisted switch-on

The “assisted switch-on” formula allowed our clients to get the benefits of both hiring and full-time resident consultancy.

Our assisted switch-on formula can evolve progressively into four phases:


following the with the customer interview and business analysis, Nofrill makes a targeted selection on the market to find the necessary professionals.


where the customer deems it appropriate, the operational start-up phase may be extended for a further period.


the specialists, hired by Nofrill, are dedicated to the project or recurring job, as in a regular full-time consultancy engagement within a defined period.


at the end of the contractual engagement with Nofrill, the customer remains entitled to renew or not the consulting engagement or proceed with the hiring in the company.

Assisted switch-on: because Nofrill is different.

Many of our clients start with a temporary management solution (full time for 12 months) to cover key positions in a certain period, and at the same time, to select specialists who start as consultants and then are integrated into the company.
All of this has several advantages with Nofrill:

  • people search is carried out by experienced managers, it leads to a high quality of selection, compared to head hunting or temporary firms;
  • the search is «best match», based on soft skills and attitudes, for a proximity to the place and type of work (experience) in a multidimension match.;
  • the motivation is greater, because an external consultant is much more motivated and has fewer constraints than the company staff hired, as well as integrating better into the organizational tissue… she/he’s not a threat for her/his colleagues;
  • the risk is mitigated, companies do not confirm the hiring at the end of trial period only in borderline cases. With Nofrill in case of doubts or conditions changes during the 12 months, the consulting engagement simply ends.
  • running start, With the transition from consultant to employee, no further investment in training and setting is required.
    No surprises and no risks.

we are international

Nofrill international: “domestic & foreign”

Abroad launch programs for Italian companies

For domestic companies that ask us for professionals with experience on international initiatives or projects, we select mother tongue people of the country or cultural area of interest, who have lived or are living in Italy, or Italians who have had professional experience in the target area.The advantage is to overcome linguistic-cultural borders, guaranteeing experiences and specific skills.

Italian initiatives for foreign companies

We can serve non-Italian companies, which want to strengthen their staff with specialists to be allocated in Italy, to set up branches or other initiatives to change or relocate international programs.The people target includes Italians who have had professional experience in the country or cultural area of the client company, or professionals from the country of interest who work or have worked in Italy.The advantage is always the same: breaking down linguistic-cultural barriers and maintaining strong experiences and skills.