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Optomec AJP technology in Italy means Nofrill

Nofrill is the single partner in Italy of Optomec Inc, the US company that holds the worldwide patent for the Aerosol Jet Printing technology.

This technology allows the connection between the physical-mechanical real world with the digital, electronic-computer world .... the tangible link of mechatronics.

Aerosol Jet Printing is an innovative way for direct printing of sensors and electronics, based on an additive manufacturing process. Aerosol Jet technology was developed by Optomec in the 1990s, as part of the technological research activities of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) for the development of a direct deposition technology for electronic material.

The technology allows you to lay thin layers of a wide range of materials on a wide range of substrates, without the need for masks or thin-film equipment. A peculiar feature of the technology is the ability to print indifferently even on non-planar substrates, making high resolution (10 microns) electronic printing on 3D surfaces possible.

In other words, it is possible to print in any surface point of a glass or plastic bottle, on a wearable elastic fabric, on the surface of an airfoil, a turbine blade, a femur prosthesis to be implanted or a thousand other biotech, industrial applications. or consumer goods.

aerosol jet printing

Aerosol Jet Printing: several and unique benefits

In addition to the technology singleness, covered by numerous patents, the benefits compared to other techniques (es. inkjets), in many cases created for graphic printing and adapted to electronic printing, are multiples:

A wide range of suitable substrates

Many kinds of inks (deposition material) can be printed on lot of substrates (surface of deposition), allowing a wide range of compatible twins. On metal, polymer, ceramic, glass, polyimide film, etc. several organic or inorganic inks can be printed, such metals (silver, gold, copper, etc.), conductor, insulators, Semiconductor, live cells, tissues and many others. The material matrix (substrates/ink) i wide and dense.

No printing interrupts

One of the hallmarks of the Optomec AJP patent is the contactless engineering solution, which separates the ink from the nozzle through the flow of inert gas. This ensures that there are no work interruptions due to jammed nozzle.
In addition, the aerosol jet flow created by the atomizer allows for a greater distance of the nozzle surface than traditional inkjet technology, allowing for printing inside trenches, the use of high density inks and others. application versatilities.

plenty of shapes

The ability to create a wide variety of 2D (nanometer-sized heights) and 3D shapes, with variable widths and thicknesses, without the need for masks or templates.

green technology

A “green” process, which eliminates almost all of the material waste, typical of traditional processes, and does not require post-process activities that use corrosive chemical agents or cleaning with water.

3D conformal surfaces

The ability to deposit material on non-planar (three-dimensional) surfaces without contact between nozzle and substrate.


The scalable Optomec solutions offering allows the development of applications for small volumes (R&D and prototyping) up to production plants with 10 million parts / year.

Aerosol Jet Printing


Aerosol Jet Printing (AJP), allowing the very high resolution deposition of functional details on non-planar surfaces, is an enabling factor for countless applications in a wide range of business. From interconnections to electronics, Radio Frequency to bioengineering. The AJP technology – patented by the US company Optomec of which Nofrill is an Italian partner – was originally created for printing interconnections between circuits directly on the surfaces of objects, through the alternation of conductive and insulating inks, deposited with resolutions up to 10 microns e spesso fino a 10nm.


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