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Nofrill and service sourcing


Our comfort zone: We have always dealt with tenders and sourcing of IT & Technology services


We designed sourcing campaigns with customers, writing technical annexes and supplier engagement rules for large corporates: millionaire contracts and bids awarded at the best price-effectiveness combination.

Success track is our business card

We have achieved many significant and proven successes in technology outsourcing: costs restructuring (and reducing), gaining enterprise performances.


Over the years we have developed and refined a method (IACTAESTTM) and a set of proven tools we use in the operational phases, for a rational, documented, objective and replicable process (ISO9001).

Our Approach: IACTAESTTM

Rational path to the complex goods and services provisioning

The IACTAESTTM method identifies requirements and evaluation variables (KPIs), to compare products and services on the market and build-up the best match customer needs solution.

Since the first engagements, Nofrill worked on the selection and customization of digital services and products most suited to the customer’s needs (Sourcing deals and HW/SW technology-based projects).

We have thus collected, rationalized and simplified standards and experiences with the “no-frills” philosopy, so we defined a structured path for technology investments navigation (digital and not-digital), in large companies and complex structures.

Each options is related to digital transformation programs (setting of architectural requirements for digital platforms and services available on the market) and to service sourcing campaigns or renewals of expiring contracts.

The acronym IACTAESTTM evokes decisions, often permanent, to be carefully weighed and prepared, as well as recalling with the English initials the seven actions of the “no frills” method: Inform, Aware, Collect, Tailor, Assess, Enable, Select, Test .

We have never applied the method to the letter: each experience inspired us to create a variant, tailored to the specific situation of the client.

we make it happens, really!

Project leading, training, coaching

Customers initiatives and projects often involve all company functions and levels. To achieve them, it is essential to create consensus and collaboration among all the stakeholders involved.

We at Nofrill establish communication with everyone in the company and know how to generate the climate and consensus with which to achieve the goal, thanks to our consultants role, external to the system and to corporate internal competition.

Where required, we can support and drive employees and executives towards change, with personalized training and coaching programs.

Compliance Services

tailored consulting services to get ISO certifications

We offer tailored consulting services to get several ISO certifications:

  • ISO 27001, for Information Security Management: it helps organizations to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of their information assets.
  • ISO 20000, for Service Management: drives organizations to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their provided services.
  • ISO 22301, for the Management of Service Continuity: supports organizations to set and execute the management of hazard events, which can interrupt business continuity.
  • ISO 9001, for Quality Management: it helps organizations ensure the fulfillment of customer needs and optimize processes.
  • ISO 14001, for the Management of Environmental Impacts: supports organizations to improve their performance to protect the environment.


we support also European Privacy and Security compliance, in particular GDPR, UE 679/2016 – General Data Protection Regulation compliance and NIS 2.0 cybersecurity EU directive for Country Strategic and Critical Infrastructures.

Nofrill va oltre al Project leading. Perché fa succedere le cose.

I progetti spesso coinvolgono tutte le funzioni aziendali. Per farli succedere davvero è indispensabile creare consenso e collaborazione tra tutti gli attori coinvolti.

In Nofrill siamo poliglotti, sappiamo parlare nel linguaggio proprio di ogni interlocutore in azienda, e siamo capaci di creare attorno ai progetti dei nostri clienti il clima e il consenso che consentono di raggiungere l’obiettivo, sfruttando la posizione privilegiata di consulenti fuori dai giochi e dalla competizione aziendale.

Nofrill supporta e accompagna nel cambiamento tutti i livelli di management delle aziende con programmi di Coaching personalizzati.

  • Shareholders
  • Technical Leaders
  • Finance/Planning
  • Marketing&Sales
  • Stakeholders
  • Data Scientist
  • Factory/Operations

we help you create something new

Mergers & Acquisitions: Digital Due Diligence

Digital and IT consulting services for mergers & acquisitions

We offer specific IT, technological and digital advisory services for mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and other restructurings, from a technical, IT, digital, cybersecurity and technological point of view:

  • Scouting and selection of market targets and collection of preliminary information as well.
  • Technical Due Diligence (information systems, production infrastructures, service delivery systems, etc.) both in case of the acquisition of companies and the enhancement of the company branches to be sold.
  • Evaluation of post-merge risks and costs of information systems and technological architectures and infrastructures.
  • Preparation of plans and technical specifications related to the execution of the specific initiative.
  • Full-time specialists for the implementation of the transition plan (see assisted switch-on)