digital transition
epochal changes

Ctrl-Alt-Digital reboot


Nofrill offers a wide range of options for complex, medium and large companies, which by need or courage want to invest resources and rethink their business and operational formula from scratch, with the aim of introducing digital and adapting to changes now irreversible: the digital transition… more or less disruptive.

  • Digital products and services provisioning (BUY option with IACTAESTTM).
  • New capabilities and competencies “assisted switch-on” for transformation programs.
  • Industrial additive manufacturing adoption and Industry 4.0 experimentations.
  • Product innovation engineering with “2D and a half” printing materials and sensors.
  • Executive professionals (CXO) for critical enterprise changes where one or several stakeholders are far away between them.

Futurize your company

Re-engineering and automation of “stupid” processes

The SARS-COV2 pandemic accelerated digital transformation processes and strengthened the focus on management by objectives, keystone for a remote and self-controlled organization of activities.

The most complex issue is organizational self-control, because it involves a cultural change, especially in terms of transparency and tracking. Self-control can then make use of the proven agile method, ideal for transformation and innovation initiatives.

The expected result?
Relieve people of repetitive, low value-added and time-consuming tasks, by setting up a new goal-based jobs organization and workflow.