The group is open to professionals who share a strict code of ethics based on a few, but well-established qualities: reliability, listening, humility and honesty.
If you share these values, and you are an independent professional, you're welcome.

Professionals on demand: they have already ACCOMPLISHED… …WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE

Nofrill collected important references and boasts the highest specialization in some specific areas. Nevertheless, Nofrill strength and distinctive ability is in quickly selecting and hire the right people, basing upon their specific experience on the specific job. In other words, any Nofrill Professional has already faced and solved (often more than once) the topics and the specific situations needing to be dealt with, therefore being practical and effective since the very beginning of his/her assignment.

Nofrill is a network of professionals: the benefits of being streamlined

Downstream a preliminary analysis, we can quickly appoint the most suitable resources for the target to be achieved, exploiting the opportunity to design and build the team and the solution from the ground up.
The “emblazoned consulting firms”, however large, use a limited set of resources with the aim of saturating them to the maximum, regardless the skills actually required. Bottom line, we care that our Professionals are ever part of the solution rather than of the problem.
A tight-knit group, word of mouth and Business Social Networking (Linkedin, over 400 certified Professionals in private groups) are the main tools we use.

Nofrill is an INNOVATIVE "no-frills" company.


- Nofrill is lightweight: we don’t need to charge fixed costs to anybody.
- Has a broad and flexible pool of professional resources, encompassing independent Professionals and partnerships with specialized and innovative companies.
- More than 400 Professionals in the “Nofrill Professionals” Linkedin group.
- Skills and capabilities are always up to date: the right people for the specific project.


- Nofrill identifies the ideal team according to the available customer’s resources, by complementing them.
- “Proximity approach”: Nofrill identifies the target and offers Professionals “close” to the Customer’s issue (by knowledge, experience, culture and location).


- From articulated consultancy programs to temporary management.
- Solution Broker: ranging from the single, specific Professional to the turn-key consultancy solution.


- Nofrill works in the backstage in order to commend Customer’s resources.
- When an effective contribution in accomplishing clear and concrete results is needed.
- When specialists promoting collaboration and teamwork at Customer’s site are needed.

- When experience and ability of doing, writing and acting are needed.