Solution Broker

Thanks to Nofrill system, we can quickly and efficiently face the search and appointment of a team of Professionals, as well as a single consultant, for a specific target.


The right Professional, in any Company environment, targeted to the specific issue

We can face all the issues generally  arising in a company in virtually any field, from marketing to finance, audit, manufacturing, workshop, purchases and supply chain.

Nofrill can therefore act as a broker, aggregating proposals in the markets of professionals and specialized companies to solve specific company topics, either of ordinary or extraordinary nature.

Appointment modes

In general terms, we get involved along FOUR main appointment modes:

- Turn-key project to be delivered by a team of professionals (result-driven)
- Project to be delivered by a single professional (result driven)
- Temporary management (role driven)
- Managers and experts on a given project with customized developments (role driven)