Offloaded people to be saturated? Not us

Not hiring employees, Nofrill doesn’t need to push for the occupation of “offloaded” resources, maybe for tasks far from their competences or from the awareness needed in the specific situation. To support our selection process, we can rely upon the widest and most up-to-date pool of competences: the free-lances market and a network of small, yet specialized firms. The value we offer lies in the selection of the best components for the purpose.

Nofrill social network and its extensions

The extended Nofrill structure is organized around a core group of “trusted professionals” - free-lances qualified during previous experiences – and some “trusted partners”, companies with the common traits of being specialized and innovative.

The base of our operations is LinkedIn, the greatest Professionals Social Network, with a closed group of more than 300 selected free-lances and capability of making search & selection over 4 millions Italian subscribers and 200 millions worldwide.

By combining these sources we distill the best solution for any specific need. The “virtual company” model Nofrill adopts maximizes the advantages for our customers, thanks to the essential organization and the ability to quickly engage the best people and companies.

Nofrill is born around the “Virtual Company” model

The absence of a ”classic” organizational structure is a twofold advantage for our customers. On one side, the variable cost structure reflects on more convenient fees.

On the other, the absence of the need to engage hired internal resources at any cost reflects into the freedom of finding the nest people for the purpose, exploiting the opportunity of designing and building the right solution after a first analysis conducted with the customer.

The model is complementary to the one adopted by the “Big Consulting Firms” that – albeit huge – use a limited pool of employees, to be compared to the millions of possible free-lances we can reach. Our model adapts to the customers, the one of the “Big Consulting” forces the customer to adapt to itself.


Nofrill builds its solutions with real people, their personal history, their philosophy and nature, and not with impersonal and standardized professional profiles that hardly ever represent the real person behind them.

The freedom of choosing professionals basing upon the objective to be reached allows us to identify “zero-mile” solutions, that is not only the right person with the right competence, but also “close” to the required role for his/her human characteristics, “close” to the company culture, and also close (without quotation marks) to the company location.

Moreover, this approach allows the customer to participate in the selection process.