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Industry 4.0

Nofrill is the parent company of Dragonfly Srl, innovative start-up established April 15, 2015 with headquarters in Rome and Capua (CE), near the laboratories of the Italian Center for Aerospace Research, working in specific services for the industrial 3D printing in  the sectors: Aerospace, Automotive and Energy for large industrial groups.
Nofrill and Dragonfly are able to meet  the needs of a customer that wants to innovate and improve its competitive position in the market by entering (make or buy) the additive manufacturing in its production processes

New Manufacturing: not mere prototyping tools, but production machinery

It is now possible to enhance the Factory and Workshop environments to experience the advantages of this technology with relevant improvements in profitability and competitiveness.
As a consequence and simultaneously, we can introduce a “new archetype” in Design and Production, by surpassing the concept of quick prototyping and improving the adoption curve of the new technologies within the company.

Two sectors are taking major advantages: Aerospace and Biomedical

The use of Additive Manufacturing Techniques in the production of things is an upward trend in countless application fields: jewelry, fashion, design, food, constructions and many others.
Nonetheless, Additive Manufacturing is clearly making its mark in two sectors:
  • Aerospace
  • Biomedical
where production is typified by very limited series - sometimes close to the single unit (satellites and protheses are clear examples) – and by the very relevant unit value.