Individuals and their experience matter

This means flanking customer in implementing relevant projects with maximum performance, with key professionals capable of giving the needed boost and enhance the value.

Special people, besides professionals

In Nofrill we share values and behaviors, and on those we put ourselves into play every day, in workgroups with customers and third parties:

1. We trust in our values and we put them into practice without hesitation.
2. We love to be moderate in speech,  putting synthesis and concreteness first.
3. We believe that humility is synonym of creativity, and we don’t give anything for granted.

4. We try to improve, both as people and as professionals, by ever honoring our commitments.
5. We take care of details, because we love making good jobs.
6. We aim to the core of the problems we face. We love simple, tangible solutions, and without frills.
7. We are loyal people, careful in applying professional ethics.

Selecting the right professional is the key to success

When setting up the workgroup deemed to accomplish complex and critical tasks it is essential to deploy a well-balanced team matching the objective to be accomplished.

Nofrill is capable to assemble workgroups and organizational units by choosing people best fitting the specific situation, the company’s culture, the required role.

Allowing the customer to actively participate in the selection of the best fitting professional.