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Company automation

We analyze in-field inefficient company areas where – during years – IT solutions have been layered one on top of the other together with restructurings (and useless papers), resulting in unacceptable process costs and loss of control. Processes can be large (i.e. a product’s lifecycle) or tiny (i.e. purchase orders or invoices reconciling), but in any case we can start from an arbitrarily small “cell”, make it work, consolidate the change and extend. Thanks to innovative techniques and tools, we can quickly deliver tangible results without modifications to the software in use, by enacting automation between people, between people and systems, and between systems themselves.

Nofrill method for Company Automation

Plan: identification of the perimeter to be automated and of the initial target “cell(s)” (pilot application). Identification of further cells and definition of the intervention sequence (Masterplan).
Contact: engagement of actors and stakeholders, “internal marketing” of the solution, information gathering, model development and joint approval.
Attack: Prototype development, test & refine, system integration, prototype tuning, change plan.
Exploitation: cell deployment and support, users training, usage promotion, in-field prototype tuning and improvement.
Control: fine completion of the entire process area, filling the blanks between separate cells. Exploration of contact areas with further cells.

Integrated automation of accounts payable

- Automate acquisition and management of accounting documents both in paper and paperless format (from scanner, fax or e-mail). 
- Manage the whole authorization workflow without subverting the organization and the systems in use (no change).
- Track document status in any process phase 
- Archive the document in compliance to the regulations regarding electronic transmission and electronic archiving of official documents.
- Record transaction information in the ERP (SAP, Oracle…) 
- Reduce current times and costs
- Increase quality
- Get rid of errors


LESS ERRORS -    Stop to the manual search for “lost” invoices (either digital or paper-based) in the accounting office.
- The status of any invoice can be tracked at any time.
- Any passive invoice is acquired through any of three channels: scanner, fax, e-mail.
- Process automation virtually decreases to zero lost documents, failed reconciliations, “orphan” supplies in store.
- Dramatic abatement of low added-value work and availability for additional tasks, or higher number of files per employee.
- Easiness in productivity and workload tracking.
- Opportunity to negotiate discounts for timely or advanced payments, beyond avoiding penalties.
- Opportunity to optimize financial management through an accurate and reliable forecast of cash outflows.
- Processes are repeatable and easy to be described.
- Activities are easily accessible by internal or external auditors.

Solutions based on our ability to listen and interview

- Analysis of the processes in place and of day-by-day practices
- Management and control of the change process by using the latest and most flexible automation technologies
- Integration with existing IT infrastructure and software, encompassing both proprietary (Microsoft) and Open Source (mostly in the Linux ecosystem) application suites
- Active process Monitoring
- Performance Analysis
- Continuous improvement, even when the solution is in service.