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Competence areas

"Tutto quello che non c'è, non si rompe" (Henry Ford), "..., non pesa" (Colin Chapman), "..., non costa" (Ratan Tata)".
"All that is not there, it does not break" (Henry Ford), "... It does not weigh" (Colin Chapman), "... it does not cost" (Ratan Tata). "

Tangible contributions in studies and technical designs for General Management, IT and operational management in general, adding value to technology and information at the service of the company: BUSINESS PLANS, TECHNICAL REQUREMENTS and...

Exploded with the rapid prototyping of plastic details, Additive Manufacturing technologies are now mature and consolidating in the production of metallic components of the highest grade. Nofrill capitalized substantial experience in supporting the...

Crisis, productivity, growth: COMPETITIVENESS. It’s time to imagine “new things” to emerge from quicksand. Nofrill has a team of “workers for the competitiveness”, with their toolbox and “quick response solutions”.

This competence field is complementary respect to the other involvement areas, and leverages onto our innovative offering and engagement formula, applied to ANY SPECIFIC CORPORATE TOPIC.